How to Experience God’s Love

It is a basic human desire and need to be loved. In our innermost being, we desperately crave to be fully known and fully accepted. This is the reason for the sparkle in the eyes of newlyweds and is the reason for the eyes lifted high to Heaven when engaged in worship. We want to... Continue Reading →


On Collecting Swords

Jesus: "But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you." (John 14:26) Jesus said this ultimately to His disciples. He was saying that the Disciples, who God would use to write many... Continue Reading →

Grace and Truth

One of the books I am currently reading is "Changes That Heal." I am really enjoying it and may recommend it after I have completed it. I came across a paragraph that I had to share. It reveals the problem in so many of our churches. Instead of being places of truth (calling people to... Continue Reading →

Pastors on Visiting Churches

It was an unfortunate set of details but we didn't have church services today at Westside Baptist Church. Some minor gas leaks were found in our building this past week so we got repairmen on the job immediately. However, with highs only in the 40's today and with no heat in the building, we had... Continue Reading →

A Great Evening!

Last night, Kim and I welcomed twelve Murray State University students into our home. We had previously told Zach that he could invite his Baptist Campus Ministry Freshman Family Group over to our home. The idea of Korean food was brought up as a possible meal idea. When I was a young child, my Dad... Continue Reading →

Our Mini-Vacation

Sometimes it's good to break out of the routine. For those in ministry, it's sometimes good to hang out with folks who simply know us by our first names rather than our titles. Since it was Kim, Sean, and Joseph's Spring Break (Zach's MSU Spring Break was last week), we took off to Lexington for... Continue Reading →

The Ark Encounter

Kim, Sean, Joseph, and I went to the Ark Encounter today. This was our first time here and we were pleasantly surprised. The first reaction I had was being impressed with how big it is. Simply put, its massive! This picture doesn't do it justice! Once inside, you have three levels to conquer. There are... Continue Reading →

A Fantastic Easter!

Today was a great day! I just wanted to recount a few of the highlights. Being with my family of friends at Westside Baptist Church this morning was awesome! That's not an exaggeration. I'm not using hyperbole. It was absolutely wonderful! The music was energetic and engaging, the fellowship was sweet, delivering the sermon was... Continue Reading →

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